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Join thousands of satisfied Auto-Zap customers in 60 countries. The super-fast Auto-Zap 5™ is the Hulda Clark zapper designed for a LIFETIME of Self Health for you, your family and even your pets. It costs less than two sick days off work. Or a couple visits to a naturopath. Or one typical vet bill.

This zapper really does change everything!

For busy people who need to finish zapping quickly!

It only takes FIVE minutes a day.

The exclusive super-fast 5 minute zapping cycle built into the Auto-Zap 5 is at least 12 times faster than any other Hulda Clark zapper!

This unique technology really can do a full one hour zapping cycle in five minutes flat. In just one year of zapping this will save you more than 340 hours when compared to every other zapper.

The Auto-Zap 5 also includes standard zapping cycles for anyone wanting to stick to the normal one hour zapping routine. Included is a typical 7min on/20min off cycle repeated for an hour, and a one hour continuous zapping cycle.

A set of SuperStaps is shipped with every Auto-Zap 5, so you have the most effective, most comfortable zapper wrist straps on the market!


Sure, you can build your own zapper in a shoe box, the plans are in Dr. Hulda Clark's books.  All it takes is time and patience to find the parts, correct the two omissions in the circuit diagram (join pin 4 to pin 8, and pin 1 to battery negative: these were corrected in the 6th printing, which has "New Century Press" on the spine), cobble it all together, and persevere till it works. But then you have to control and time it manually, and replace the battery every month or so (you are never sure when it is low), and you are not assured of full voltage output (or any output at all!), or the more effective lower frequency.  And it can be blown by a simple static shock from walking across a carpet, or putting the battery in backwards for even a second.

What about the hundred and one "zappers" for sale on the Web or from your second cousin's brother-in-law who is an electronic whiz? Check the features, and make SURE that the zapper you buy is tested (preferably on an oscilloscope) and guaranteed to produce only DC pulses with no AC.  Don't confuse the Zapper with Dr. Robert C. Beck's blood electrification device (Silver Pulser/plant growth stimulator/silver colloid maker).  His whole premise is vastly different than that of Dr. Clark's Zapper.  We have seen too many "Clark" zappers which lit up the LED light and drained the battery, but produced no other effects. Caveat emptor!

What about zapper output frequency? In experimental testing, 2.5 kHz (2500 pulses per second) works significantly better than the 30 kHz suggested in Dr. Clark's book.  Due to the "skin effect," it can be expected to penetrate more deeply.  The designer of the Auto-Zap knows Dr. Clark personally and was told by her in October 1995 that she had tested 5 kHz and found it to work better than 30 kHz. It was suggested to her on the basis of the "skin effect" in physics. The skin effect causes high frequency current to travel on the surface of a conductor. Our lower 2.5 kHz frequency penetrates about 3.5 times more deeply than 30 kHz, based on calculation of the skin effect.

As for the assertion by some that Dr Clark is still not advocating lower frequencies, please see the bold text box at the top of page 15 in "The Cure for All Diseases." There she specifies an effective frequency range of 10 Hz to 500,000 Hz for zappers. Our 2500 Hz is near the low end of the range, but it is certainly within the recommended range!

There are thousands of satisfied Auto-Zap customers in over 35 countries.  Our own family and friends have used Zappers for years with great success.

The automatic timed cycle may seem like a luxury, but many people will use a manually timed zapper only as long as they feel their life is threatened. With the automatic 63 minute cycle on the Auto-Zap you can use it while you (or your child or pet) are reading, watching TV or going to sleep. Using footpads instead of handholds makes it even more convenient, as your hands are free for work or the phone. Full instructions for making and using footpads are included with each Auto-Zap. 

We agree with Dr. Clark's theoretical experimental recommendation that you use the zapper every day for the first month. After that, use it at least twice a week as a preventive measure, since we are all constantly exposed to parasite eggs and bacteria in daily life. 

The Auto-Zap is the best unit to keep you zapping!


What about a Warranty?

The Auto-Zap 5 has an unbelievable 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

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