Is F-scan more beneficial over the Zapper itself?

Yes and no.

Zapper is great for his specific programs and prevention use. It is easy to operate and very powerful.
​F-scan is great for non-specific pathogens or problems, where you can detect the actual frequencies of pathogens.
So it is great for various non listed virus infections ​or if you want to find which parasites (their frequencies) are in the body.
Zapping can be much more effective when you know exact frequencies.
In general Super Ravo Zapper can do effectively fixed frequencies and range zapping too.
F-scan usually do only measured fixed frequencies. Range zapping is also available, but not so powerful as with Super Ravo Zapper.
Great to have both devices at home. If you need enhance liver, kidney or destroy specific pathogen eg. EB Virus use zapper.
If you catch a flu ( non-specific virus ) or want to detect which parasites are in the body use F-scan for faster results.


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