Magnetotherapeutic device suitable for both Professional and Home use.
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BioTorus si modern magnetotherapeutic device for Professional and Home Treatment & Stimulation of body.

Device is intended especially for individual care.

For example sportsmen, who suffer from edemas, muscle injury or muscle fatigue.

In worst case it can help to acceleration of healing of fractures and wounds.

Important is immune system activation and improvement of metabolic turnover.

Device can be of course used for all diseases mentioned in overview of effects of pulsed magnetic fields.

Use operation is simple even for seniors.


Pulse-magnetotherapy si also suitable additional treatment for other common treatments.


How it works

Electromagnetic impulses stimulate body cells and thru nerve system and immune system start selfhealing proceses of the organism.

High therapeutic effect is generated by an electromagnetic coil that generates a pulse-magnetic field.

BioTorus has the proper bio parameters, along with minimal patient’s energetic load.

By this way magnetotherapy enhance physical and mental health.


Over 20 years of development in magnetotherapy field.

Magnetotherapeutic device of revolution design, where control electronics is integrated directly into applicator which has circular toroidal - torus shape.

Device is powered by lightweight plug-in power adapter, certified for medical devices.

This solution results to very practical handy device, with universal utilization in therapeutic treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.



It can radically enhance solution of:

low blood circulation in legs (esp. suger legs)

treatment of broken bones




Recommendation: For the best results use the magentotherapy BioTorus regulary.



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