What is a zapper?

Zapper or parasite zapper is a electrical device that produce electric impulses. In other words it is a frequency generator with special type of wave.

Zapper defined by Hulda Clark is a frequency generator with square wave signal.


What can be killed by zapper?

You can eliminate, destroy or kill any virus, bacteria, fungi or parasite with the zapper.


How much volts do you need to kill a parasite, virus or bacteria?

Effective voltage starts about 5 volts and maximum safe voltage for body is below 20 volts.

But most common voltage for zapper is between 7-12 volts.


Is higher voltage more effective for elimination of pathogens?

To be frankly not. So anything between 7-15 volts is good enough.

More important is the quality and type of the signal and the specific frequency for specific pathogen.


What is difference between Hulda Clark zapper with universal frequency and the programmable zappers?

Basic Hulda Clark zapper is based on 1 universal frequency (usually 32kHz) and the squarewave signal.

Hulda Clark claims that with her zapper you can kill all pathogens if you repeat it 3 time by 20 minutes.

We are open to test any zapper sent to us to validate her claims. Feel free to ask us for the tests.

In our 10 years long research we haven't found such a zapper with so effective universal frequency or signal.

As we already tested a lot of commercial zappers, basic ones or programmable we found that there are big differences in effectivness.

Basic Hulda Clark zapper and her protocol worked time to time very well but in many cases with no change or betterment of the health condition.

Most effective results were with application specific frequency or frequencies on specific pathogens or health problems.

But still basic Hulda Clark zapper really works and it has great results if used on everyday basis.













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