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Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper - ElZapp (2024)

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hulda clark parasite zapper
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Brand new Hulda Clark parasite zapper with unlimited memory space for programs and frequencies. New design. Long battery life. FREE SHIPPING to USA, CANADA. AUSTRALIA. Over 1500 Preselected Programs. See more in Product details.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Brand new Hulda Clark parasite zapper is a programmable frequency generator.

Can be used by independent researchers as an experimental device.
Legal caution: Elzapp zapper is NOT a medical device and it is NOT intendet to treat any disease!


Parasite Zapper Unboxing

(Hulda Clark Zapper)


Youtube Video - Parasite Zapper - Unboxing



It comes with unlimited memory (8GB micro SD card) space for programs and frequencies:

You get as a gift for FREE these databases:




OVER 1 500 Preselected Programs

116 Main Preselected Power Programs

120 Viruses and Bacteria (by Hulda Clark)

80+ Parasites and Protozoa (by Hulda Clark)

100+ Tapeworms and Warts and others (by Hulda Clark)

1000+ Preselected CAFL Programs (CAFL).




State-Of-The-Art concept of parasite zapper


With new ergonomic design that pass into your hand smoothly.

It comes with Li-Ion rechargeable battery with that last for many hours.

Firmware (inner program in the device) can be updated at home.

Full CAFL can be uploaded so you do not need to buy frequencies or programs / no extra costs.

Colored touch display for easy control.

The very best Parasite zapper on the market that we have ever tested!

New level of zapping.

Fit to pocket.

Zapp as YOU GO :-)



Over 8 hours continuing zapping.

USB charging possibility.

Small, handy, cute :-)

Dimensions: 114x70x20 mm

Model Year: 2022



Parasite zapper - Device

2x cylinder electrodes

1x cable for electrodes

1x plate electrode

EU USB charger

USB charging cable

8GB micro SD card

Instruction manual




Basic Video Operation Manual for ELZAPP PARASITE ZAPPPER




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Wednesday, 22 July 2020
I have been using the Elzapp device with my family for a few months now and I am completely amazed with the results.
Previously from other providers, I had purchased and had four similar machines made over the past twenty years and I'd also tried homeopathic remedies but nothing even comes close to this device.
Elzapp rapidly removes the viruses, fungi, E. coli bacterias and even heavy metals. I am learning so much from this device.
All of the machines I had bought in the past have promised to deliver results but nothing like this.
So impressed with this device, my daughter is now in the process of purchasing another one, purely because we never want to be without one and because of how much we are working on releasing all of our issues.
Thank you for this device, it's promise delivers and it is changing our lives.