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Greetings from Hawaii - Milan Frank Vacek - Hawaii

Milan Vacek

Asthma betterment - Heather Hoyland - United Kingdom

Inflamed lymph nodes - Liam Fitzgerald - United Kingdom

Foot pain reduction - H Lewis - United Kingdom

Skin itching reduction - Zelina Nat - Australia

Great zapper - Jelena - Canada



Testimonial - Great zapper - Jelena from Vancouver

  From: jelena ......  <>Date: Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 8:41...

Testimonial - Zelina Nat - Elzapp - Skin itching

I love the Elzapp, sudden skin itch has nearly disappeared. Dreaming happening, feels like portals ...

Testimonial - H Lewis - Foot pain reduction

Thank you so much Wen my Sever's disease pain in my right foot has dramatically reduced. I have had...

Testimonial - Liam Fitzgerald - Inflamed lymph nodes

Hi Wen, Thought I'd let you know that since I've used your machine, the pain in my inguinal regio...

Testimonial - Heather Hoyland - Asthma betterment

Please tell Wen thank you for my treatment with the Eri machine and for a wonderful time that we had...

Greetings from Hawaii - Honolulu - Plasma Generator

Hi Wen, I'm sending you this photo of Plasma Generator in my Master Bedroom, Regards from Honolulu...

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