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Greetings from Hawaii - Milan Frank Vacek - Hawaii

Milan Vacek

Asthma betterment - Heather Hoyland - United Kingdom

Inflamed lymph nodes - Liam Fitzgerald - United Kingdom

Foot pain reduction - H Lewis - United Kingdom

Skin itching reduction - Zelina Nat - Australia

Great zapper - Jelena - Canada


7th of October 2020 at 1:06  PM - Talia
Hello Wen,
The three ElZapp machines arrived safely to Australia and are amazing!
Me and my family members are very grateful and are using them already.
Thank you. I will make sure to refer people to the website to purchase machines in the future.
The Elzapp is such a wonderful machine and gives great results.
I wish you and the team the very best and excellent health.
Kind Regards,




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