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Plasma generator RPZ 15 with transport case. MY2022. Free installation, support and delivery costs incl. for Europe, USA, CANADA.

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Quantum Harmony is a new type of Rife Machine, a fast and effective frequency generator to eliminate pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, mites).

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Radio Magnetic Loop - Silver with blue sides  

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Rife machines have been around for a century as alternative therapy solutions. Since their invention, they have helped millions of people regain hope from the moment they first turned these devices on. Because of their incomparable effectiveness, we find it crucial to list the latest Rife frequency machines for sale here at Zapper Store. Today's patients should not be abandoned or left with nothing but meds.


How does a Rife frequency generator work?

Similar to a zapper, a Rife machine is a variant of frequency therapy. The fundamental idea behind the device developed by Dr. Royal Rife is based on the correlation between electromagnetic waves. There's a theory suggesting that every disease is associated with specific impulses in the body that can be measured to turn the tables. They are emitted by abnormal cells and pathogenic organisms that thrive when the immune system is weakened. A Rife zapper uses the same frequency as unhealthy cells to generate electromagnetic waves and channel them into your body. The machine delivers pre-set impulses to fight those emitted by viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. This is usually done with electrical pads, but it depends on the setup you use. At the right frequency, electromagnetic waves coming from a Dr.

Royal Rife machine can:

  • stop unhealthy cells and microorganisms from spreading

  • destroy those that have already spread

  • strengthen immunity to nip new pathogens in the bud

In what cases is a Rife machine your finest option?

Rife frequency generators are a godsend to patients struggling with various diseases. But there's no denying that they are best known for anticancer therapy. Their frequencies can be accurately manipulated to sync with those of cancerous tumors. This way, Rife machines eliminate abnormalities that meds can hardly deal with. Yet, cancers are not the only conditions that can be treated with frequency generators. You can also buy a Rife machine to start treatment for pain, tissue damage, inflammation, and even AIDS. Because electromagnetic waves fortify the immune system, they are great for a cold and flu, too. Given all this, the ideal candidate for Rife machine treatment is someone who:

  • is undergoing chemotherapy and looking to boost their chances of recovery

  • wants to reduce their drug use
 is exploring alternative ways to overcome non-cancer conditions
 feels like starting therapy at home

  • thinks that surgery and other invasive treatments are not an option

Grab your best Rife machine for sale at Zapper Store

Our selection of Rife machines runs the gamut from traditional setups to souped-up versions. Besides, we carry add-ons, like PlasmaLoop, that can simplify your frequency treatment session with no pads. These devices are programmable so that you can avoid configuring frequencies manually. Select a program for your condition and relax while letting your generator do its healing job. Your health is always our concern. That's why we advise you against opting for a Dr. Royal Rife machine if you use a pacemaker. Although frequency generators emit low-level pulses, they may still interfere with your cardiac device.


Rife machines for sale: Parasite frequency treatment solutions

The best and more than decade proved Rife machines by concept of Dr. Royal Rife with other frequency generators you can buy at No. 1 supplier:






Rife machines and other wireless devices in use - video



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Regardless of your choice of a zapper or Rife machine, you can be sure that it will work properly and serve you long. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via live chat on the website, phone or email. We will be happy to help you learn how to become healthier and happier with our devices.