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Rife Machine - Plasma generator RPZ 15

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Plasma generator RPZ 15 with transport case. MY2022. Free installation, support and delivery costs incl. for Europe, USA, CANADA.

Detailed information

Product detailed description


  • Plasma generator RPZ 15 (MY2022) (RPZ - RIFE PLASMA ZAPPER)
  • Transport case (incl.)



Free or incl. in price

  • Free PC software
  • Free installation on your computer
  • Basic training for you and your staff
  • Free technical support
  • Delivery costs incl. for Europe, USA, CANADA.
  • (Other countries - price of shipping on request)


Manufacturer declaration: Plasma Generator RPZ 15 is an experimental device and is NOT a medical device.


Technical specification:

  • Supply voltage: 110 - 230V AC
  • Wattage 300W (at 900kHz)
  • 350 places for preselections
  • Effective output at 900kHz: 225W
  • Impulsive output at higher range: aprox. 7 kW
  • Dimensions of plasma generator: 60 x 30 x 33 cm (lenght x depth x height)
  • Dimensions of transport case: 77 x 40 x 36 cm (lenght x depth x height)
  • Weighto of plasma generator: 25 Kg
  • Weight of transport case: 10 kg


Frequency range:

  • Lower range:
    • From 1 Hz to 999 Hz
    • Possibility to set up a frequency with accuracy of 0,001 of Hz
    • Lenght of impulse 3 uS (mikroseconds)
  • Higher range :
    • From 1 kHz to 900 kHz
    • Possibility to set up a frequency with accuracy of 0,001 of kHz
    • Lenght of impulse 200 nS (nanoseconds)

Caution: An optical effect of plasma light is different at each device. So, every single device could have a different optical spectrum at the same frequence. This effect is irrelevant for efficiency of RPZ 15 and it doesn't have any influence ona proper functionality of the device. At the time the plasma bulk get lighting the right frequency is setting up to be emited into plasma generator surrounding. Color or intensity of the light of plasma tube is not significant for functionality or efficiency of RPZ15.

Plasma Generator RPZ 15 is using contactless principle of emitting frequencies thanks to discoveries and practice of pioneer of selective elimination of microorganisms Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.



Plasma Generator works absolutely precise without any slides of output impulses from 1 Hz to 900 kHz.

Plasma tube bulbs are made by exact compound of special gasses that were used by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife


Usage data

Warranty of plasma tube bulb is 2000 hours. (usually last longer)

Price of spare plasma tube bulb  800 USD => Price of 1 hour 0,4 USD.

It is not for outdoor usage. (bad weather can harm the electronics)

Electric consumption of electricity 0,1 kWh.



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