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Radio Magnetic Loop - Silver with blue sides

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Radio Magnetic Loop is one of the most effective wireless way of elimination of pathogens.

RamaLoop is an innovative stand -by device for most of all frequency generators like parasite zappers and F-scans.

As an additional equipment is possible to connect it to zappers that are normally used only by contact way using an electric output.

RamaLoop enhance zappers in a big scale of the user value by adding contactless way to eliminate microorganism ( viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites ) based on a frequency method.

Device creates around its coil ( antenna ) an electromagnetic pulse field in range of several meters/yards.
Magnetic field go thru all direction and works on places where an electric current is week or none.

This way RamaLoop has a big potential in the future usage in many sophisticated segments ( food industry, agriculture, in case of medical certification in low an high frequency magnet therapy, in veterinary industry).

It is also very interesting gadged for students of natural, microbiological and medical science.


Possible to connect to most of all frequency generators

It is possible to run it (up to 20 kHz) from smartphones using special apps.

LightLoop settings: Off, blinking, lighting (RGB colors - fixed or Color Changing Spotlight)
User selectable output:  5 intensity levels

3 colors of casing:  Black, Silver, Silver with blue sides
Charging:  Adapter, Li-Pol battery, Mini-USB (5V), car (12V)
Signal range:  1 Hz – 999 kHz
Optimal range: 1-5 meters/yards