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Antenna RML A4 – COMBO

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Antenna RML A4 - COMBO is an addition for the ElZapp I and ElZapp II devices that returns the galvanic action of the device by means of electrodes (zapping) to a wireless form, i.e. back to the original method of Resonant Frequency Therapy (RFT) via electromagnetic field.

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The Antenna RML A4 - COMBO is an addition for the ElZapp I and ElZapp II devices that returns the galvanic action of the device by means of electrodes (zapping) to a wireless form, i.e. back to the original method of resonant frequency therapy (RFT) via electromagnetic fields. The RFT method and the devices for its use were developed by Nikola Tesla and R.R. Rife. Technically simpler zapping and a wide range of zappers came much later - mainly for technical and economic reasons. Hulda Clark also made her mark on the path of zapping.

The disadvantages of the contact galvanic fusion, compared to the original "wireless" RFT, remain mainly its user inconvenience, a clear contraindication for people using a pacemaker, but also a completely unpredictable current density in the tissue, where the electric current between the fusion electrodes naturally finds the easiest path. This is then a major obstacle to achieving the optimal effect. In some body tissues where pathogens are "hidden", the electric current has virtually no chance of reaching them. Therefore, RFT induced by electromagnetic fields is much more effective.

Plasma generators according to the original US Patent No. US5908441A (expiration 2017) and other similar devices, for example, are mainly intended for professional workplaces. Their economically available substitute, the Czech original RaMaLoop, was developed about ten years ago. Primarily to make the original RFT available to a wider group of users. The then-new 2014 version created a technically significantly simpler and cheaper non-contact RFT option than the existing plasma generators allowed. The RaMaLoop, together with the subsequently developed ElZapp (a more modern variant of the SRZ), forms a more affordable and miniaturised alternative to the original plasma generators. However, even the ElZapp-RaMaLoop setup is not affordable for everyone.

RML A4 - COMBO is the next step towards making the contactless RFT method available to an even wider number of users, especially those who already own and operate an ElZapp I or ElZapp II. For ElZapp owners, this additional investment represents a fraction of the price of a previously purchased ElZapp. The current innovation, the RML A4 - COMBO, will enable almost a thousand ElZapp users - galvanic RFT operators - to take a step further very easily. The new product, RML A4 - COMBO, allows to operate local contactless RFT at an acceptable "additional cost". The compactness and small size directly predestine this assembly for use in "alternative practice", especially in the prevention of the early stages of "common diseases"...


RML A4 - COMBO is not a full replacement for ElZapp-RaMaLoop, (The effective effective distance of ElZapp-RaMaLoop is about 5 to 10 times higher than the effect of RML A4 - COMBO), see video. Taking into account the significantly increased user comfort, the purchase of RML A4 - COMBO can be clearly recommended to existing ElZap users. The most important benefit of the novelty is that the ElZapp-COMBO set-up allows to use time covertly and efficiently, for example, in traffic and during various "waiting downtimes".


although non-vanasonic RFT methods can be used with caution by pacemaker owners, the pocket size of the RML A4 - COMBO could tempt you to use this device in an unsafe manner. For pacemaker users, the triggered RML A4 - COMBO must not be applied to the left upper chest or left shoulder.

Note to the unfamiliar: The scientific merit and soundness of RFT is evidenced by the references in the above US patent and references to dozens of other patents on this and related topics in its text.

Illustration video:

Comparison of the effect of the ElZapp-RaMaLoop vs. RML A4 - COMBO assembly.