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Testimonial - Great zapper - Jelena from Vancouver

From: jelena ......  <>
Date: Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 8:41 AM
Subject: Help regarding some frequencies for ElZapper
To: <>

Hi Wen,

I purchased ElZapp machine and received it last week.  I like the product very much. Excellent quality and very simple to use. 

 I have some questions and would like to get some answers in order to maximize the usage of this great zapper. I live in Vancouver, Canada so we have a 9 hours time difference so it is not easy to call because it is a night time when you work your regular hours 9-5. I will start with some questions regarding 116 programs that I have received in a printed form.

Num. 3 Adenovirus? When to use this one?
Num. 17 Blood cells white – does it increase white blood cells or reduce? People with low immune system have low blood cell count and with infection going on or potential leukemia have increased white blood count. So it is important to know when to use it?

Num.  39 Dr. Clark Zapper – what does it do? When to use it? Is this her basic zapper that goes through all frequencies?

57 and 58 what is difference between these two?
112 and 113 what is the difference?

116 What is Zappicator? When should I use it?

On the main screen when I turn the zapper on there are several databases that I would like the brief explanation:

Coronavirus 202005.txt -?

Covid_2102.txt – ???


What is the difference between these 3 and when to use them?

I have subscribed for the newsletter and would like to get some old news if it is possible to catch up with all information I can get.

Looking forward to hear from you.